Monday, March 25, 2019

Thirumoorthy Temple

Thirumoorthy Temple:

is also known as Amanalingeswarar temple. The temple was surrounded by Falls, Hills, Dam, Nature and more. No temple around this place have these much goods. It is one of the ancient temples in Udumalpet.

A power of Thirumoorthy Temple:

Do you know Marugu? In hand, leg or somewhere else?

You don’t treat that with any medical treatment, if so then why can’t you visit and pray with Amanalingeswarar temple?

Come to Amanalingeswarar Temple see a Priest(Poosari) then pray for it. Go home within 1 month you will get purified. Yes, the god exists.

Temple Timings: 10*7 – 8 am to 6 pm

Special in Amanalingeswarar Temple

More About Amanalingeswarar Temple:

Worrying about Funeral?

Come to this temple and see a priest, then they will make calm the soul of your beloved one. You will feel a completeness after reaching here.

Marriage Function or any other at Amanalingeswarar Temple?

Public Temple Hall is available for your service. For the use of the hall, you have to pre-book. You can give your relatives a sweet water from falls, peaceful function, devotion feels from Amanalingeswarar.

Do you know about Five Lingas?

Thirumoorthy temple is the only place to have a five lingas at the same location. Here your pray will cause some serious effect after praying. The Five lingas are more powerful than any other. You can see those here.

Know more about Thirumoorthy here.

Bus Route and Time: 11, 1. 4.30 am- 10.30 pm.


Devotional Feel?

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Weather in Thirumoorthy Temple