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Thirumoorthy Falls

Panjalinga Waterfalls:

Thirumoorthy falls also known as Panjalinga waterfalls. There is 1km distance from Thirumoorthy Hills to Panjalinga Waterfalls. Thirumoorthy is a place where you can find all joys within your budget. In raining seasons, there is more water flow from this falls. While the summertime, the falls give the water that is good enough to enjoy with children and family, friends too. Thirumoorthy Dam is getting the primary source of water from Panjalinga waterfalls. The current Water coming level is 20%.

Bus Route from Udumalpet: 11A,11B,11C, 1, Tiruppur Buses.

More About Thirumoorthy Hills

What’s Special?

  1. Taste of water
  2. Get rid out from Back Pain
  3. Herb Water for drinking
  4. Herb Water purifies your body heat.
  5. All Time Available Season.

Good Time to Visit:

Usually, you can visit Thirumoorthy hills at all time. The best time to visit Thirumoorthy hills is October to January. From October to January, you can enjoy the chilling climate. If you need to discover the natural, then come and celebrate your days with your loved ones at special Thirumoorthy.

For more about Thirumoorthy Falls Contact: +91 7010466983

Thirumoorthy Falls Timings: 8 am – 5 pm

Some keypoints about Thirumoorthy Falls

Water Taste 90%
Water Availability 75%
Crowd 65%

Other Suggestion for you

Nearby Places:

Amaravathi Dam 20 km away from Thirumoorthy Falls

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