Real Village Resort Review

Real Village Resort

About Real Village Resort:

Real Village Resort is located at Manupatti. They are serving organic method to provide food. Real Village Resort is also known as RVR. It is the best resort in Udumalpet. They are offering many services and fun for making your day as memorable. Discounted prizes also available for more than one day stay. RVR will arrange local Guide for you with Travels.

Resort Gallery:

Features in RVR:

  • Swimming Pool.
  • Guide for Nearest Tourist Places.
  • 24 Hours Check-in.
  • Party Hall with DJ Music System.
  • Bamboo builds maximum products.
  • Fully Organic.
  • MD of RVR Got Award in Pasumai Vigadan.
  • 2000+ Trees planted.
  • 200+ Coconut Trees planted, 50+ Grown.
  • Officially 3-5 Members per room. But the room length can continue with 10 Members.

About Bamboo:

Maximum products, i.e., Tumblers, Plates, Door are made by Bamboo(Moongil). Bamboo will help you in following things:

  • Reduce risk of Cancer.
  • Bamboo Helps improve heart health.
  • It, Strengthens immune system.

Services Available:

  • They will arrange a guide for your travel trips. Also, RVR will provide you for the best travelers based on your destination.
  • You can seek cab service from Udumalpet to Real Village Resort directly.
  • Cycling will be provided, and you can visit nearest Hill from Real Village Resort.
  • 24×7 Support for your room services.

Inside the Resort:

  1. If you’re more than four members, you will be provided an extra bed.
  2. 24×7 service is available.
  3. You can have your food inside the dining hall.
  4. Spend morning time with your loved once with a fully grassed place with green shadow.
  5. Swimming Pool available for 24×7. You will be provided with the ball to enjoy your day.

Official Website for Real Village Resort:


Pricing details will vary based on your date. So please visit pricing for more information about pricing.

Time Pass?

  • Take a selfie with over 20+ flowers.
  • Visit Guava Grove and collect some Guava. Only for Customers. Wash and taste them.
  • Visit nearby Hill by bicycle.
  • Water balls in Swimming Pool.
  • Television.
  • DJ Music System.
  • Home Theater inside Dining Hall.