Monday, March 25, 2019

Udumalpet Mariamman Temple

About Udumalpet Mariamman Temple:

We all agree that Mariamman has a lot of power. But we’re going to prove that Mariamman has a lot of power. How? Read below:

  • In February 2017, we don’t even have a drop of rain.
  • In March Udumalpet Mariamman Temple function was announced.
  • March end everyone got the sound of rain.
  • Nothing matter in cities. Farmers are delighted with the sound of rain. Around udumalpet 30+ villages have got rain during March end and April Starting.

Udumalpet Mariamman Temple Function happened at every year’s March to April.

Udumalpet Mariamman Temple 2017 Video

Chariot festival(தேர் திருவிழா) is Famous. 

More about Udumalpet Mariamman Temple

Distance from Udumalpet: 500m Walking distance.
Regular days timings: 9.00 am – 7.00 pm.
Goods place: You can buy all products related to temple opposite of temple.
Chariot Festival: With the help of Elephant it will be moved.
Kerala Music: Kerala artists used their drums to entertainment people and calling God.
Recommended: Go with Family, Friends.
About Kuttaithidal: Kuttaithidal will look like tourist place at Mariamman function time.

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