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About Amaravathi Dam

Amaravathi Dam:

Is constructed 60+ years ago. It was inaugurated in 1957 at the period of Kamarajar. The Features are listed below

Feature in Amaravathi Dam:

  1. Dam
  2. Park
  3. Crocodile Park
  4. Sainik School
  5. Sainik School Horse Riding
  6. Amaravathi River
  7. Amaravathi Canel
  8. Field
  9. Movies


Amaravathi Dam is 90 feet in height

Chinnar is the primary source of water to this dam. Amaravathi River joins to the Kaveri river at Karur. Usually, the dam water is used to generate an electricity and drinking water for many peoples living around Amaravathi. The Dam was recently cleaned, the sand from the dam is sold free for farmers. The place is too calm to live there.


A Little Zoo, Garden, Park all are available in Amaravathi. Amaravathi Park is too colorful in the evening time. The Park has too many trees to sit there and get relaxed. Family, Friends, Couples all are allowed inside the Park.

Crocodile Park:

From Amaravathi Dam crocodile park is just 1 km away. You can reach out crocodile park even in the bus. Udumalpet to Kallapuram bus will take you to Crocodile Park. Our Suggestion: Visit Amaravathi Dam by your Vehicle.

Price Details:

  • Person – 5₹
  • Camera – 10₹
  • Video – 25₹

Sainik School:

Sainik School is one of the best of Startings for Military Students. In Tamilnadu, Sainik School is the No 1 school in military training. Sainik School has its Helipad. This school is entrance exam based.

Available Courses: Class 1 to 12.

About Horse Riding:

In Sainik School, Horse riding will be taught to the students while they grow with their studies. If you want to see the horse riding you can see it on evening time on Sainik School’s Horse ride ground.

River, Canel, Field:

Amaravathi river will reach Kaveri river at Karur and give hands togeather to reach Sea. The Canel is handy to agriculture land around the Amaravathi area. Amaravathi Field is especially to make the rice.

Movies like Suryavamsam is suited in Amaravathi Dam.

Bus Route from Udumalpet: 10, 10A, 10B, 10c, 10/33, 10/51 and more.

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