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About Chinnar

It is located at Udumalpet to Munnar Highway. From Udumalpet, Chinnar is 37km away. From 1983 Chinnar is changed to Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. From  9/6 Checkpost, Manupatti the road is uphill. You can’t be allowed after 6’o clock to chinnar via 9/6 Checkpost with Bike. The evening time is favorable for elephants to drink water. The water tank was in middle of the destinations. Forest Guards are maintaining those for Elephants and some more animals.

Photo Gallery:

Chinnar has 2 Hair Pin Bends.

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Best Time to Visit:

As we already discussed you can’t be allowed after the 6’o clock. Still, you can go with your four wheelers or bus. If you get all your things ready before 5 pm, it sounds good. In Evening time the Elephant’s are maximum used to cross the road. Meanwhile, we can stop our vehicle before 500m and can able to watch and take photographs of Elephants. If you have planned to visit Munnar via Chinnar then, you should reach chinnar at 8 am at least so that you can your post journey from here.

Chinnar has Temple inside the hill.

Best Things are

Elephant Availability: 60 Marks
Taste of Water: 90 Marks
Temple Quality: 65 Marks

About Mountain dwellers (மலை வாழ் மக்கள்)

Mountain dwellers:

Inside Hills area, there is a village. 1000+ peoples are living there. They belong to Manupatti Post. The people are using hills water for their use. There is a way to reach them behind 2km. After that, we have to walk if you want to see them or else there is a good water with the deep space. So you can swim, or even you can learn swimming. There is a temple nearby. So you can use temple to pray or relax your mind.

Chinnar is a border of Tamilnadu.

Few More Details

More about:

  1. No Local buses are available. Only Kerala bus is available. That too in timing.
  2. You can’t go upper side by your Car. You’ve to pay and use the vehicle to take you topside.
  3. Water going on the river is Drinking water. Don’t spoil it.
  4. This River is the primary source for Amaravathi Dam.
  5. Chinnar, Manupatti(Po), Udumalpet, Tiruppur, Tamilnadu.
  6. All area under cover by Forest Department of Tamilnadu and Kerala.
  7. There is 2 check post to reach there from Udumalpet.

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